Medicine and Healthcare for the Dawn of the New Earth
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All pain, discomfort and physical disease has an underlying energetic maintaining cause. I can help you and recommend others to help you find and eliminate those energetic underlying disharmonies to enable a return to a pain free healthy existence.

In a one to one consultation we can use tools such as classical and advanced Homeopathy, Vibrational Essences,  Vortex Healing, Bioenergetic analysis using the e-LYBRA, Sedona method, Archangel and Ascended Master healing using the Ascension Spheres. We will look at your Blood Group to find which foods are good for you and which are non-beneficial. We will look at your life style, belief patterns, fears, worries and anxieties and find the best, gentlest way of  releasing the negative aspects to give you a happier more carefree life.

The one to one consultation is available in person in Biggar, Scotland ML12 6NR, or by email and SKYPE.

The cost is £120 a session plus any additional remedies such as herbals or supplements that are indicated. Book the recommended block of 6 months consecutive sessions and get a reduction of 10% to reduce it to £108 a month.

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